Quality is an integral part of our organization’s business principles. Our Quality Policy is to provide quality products and services at every phase of activity that meet the customer requirement and satisfaction, it summarizes the essential elements of our commitment to be a recognized and reliable business partner, which align with our organization’s purpose and strategic direction. 

In pursuance of this policy, the Quality Policy statements are:

  1. To supply quality products and services that are delivered on time and within budget.
  2. To provide experienced and qualified personnel with good practice in our activities. 
  3. To continuously improve our quality product conforming to the Quality Management System (QMS).
  4. All our activities shall be conducted in a manner, which safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons and preserves the natural environment, as far as practicable.
  5. To meet our customer requirement, increasing customer satisfaction and commit to satisfy applicable requirement. 

We practise recognized Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards at each stage of our operations and are fully committed to the pursuit of high product and service quality while ensuring no harm to people and no damage to the environment. HSE is deeply embedded in our business culture which continues to drive improvements in this important areas. 

We are committed that all our activities shall be conducted in a manner, which safeguards health, safety and welfare of all persons and preserves the natural environment, as far as practicable. The objective of this Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy is to prevent all accidents, occupational diseases, personal injuries, fires and property damages by implementing safe system of work.

In order to achieve the objective of this policy, we will endeavor to implement the following matters:

  1. To ensure visible management commitment in supporting all HSE matters.
  2. To comply with applicable legislative requirements and adhering to applicable HSE standards and procedures.
  3. To develop measurable HSE objectives and targets, and appraise and report our performance as a means of ensuring continuous improvement.
  4. To identify HSE risk arising from our activities and reduce them to lowest practicable level.
  5. To provide a safe working environment for all our employees.
  6. To ensure training is conducted for employees to carry out their work safely.
  7. To take corrective action and ensure effective implementation of this policy.