Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of SEAGULL ENGINEERING SDN BHD is to provide quality products and services at every phase of activity that meet the customer requirement and satisfaction.

In pursuance of this policy, the Quality Policy statements are :

To supply quality products and services that are delivered on time and within budget.
To provide experienced and qualified personnel with good practice in our activities.
To continuously improve our quality product conforming to the Quality Management System (QMS).
All our activities shall be conducted in a manner, which safeguard the HealthSafety and Welfare of all persons and preserves the natural environment, as far as practicable.
To meet our customer requirement and increasing customer satisfaction.

Health, Safety, Environment Policy

It is the policy of SEAGULL ENGINEERING SDN BHD that all our activities shall be conducted in a manner which safeguards the Healthy, Safety and Welfare of all persons preserves the natural Environment, as far as is practicable.

Every employee is obligated to work safety, to co-operate and act responsibly is preventing injury and to others. Our Health, Safety and Environment objectives shall bear equal importance with our fundamental business objectives.

In pursuance of this policy and in adherence to all legislative requirement, we will endeavor to others:

To prevent all accidents, occupational diseases and fires. 
To prevent damage to plant, equipment and property. 
To protect and preserve and environment. 
To implement safe system of works.